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Entry #1

An Introduction

2010-07-27 08:12:14 by JinxOmishThe2nd


I'm Jinx. Nice to meet you. I'm a part time musician. I've been writing in bands for a few years now and I think I'm not terrible at this whole songwriting malarky. Over time I've written a few songs that don't fit in to whatever groups I've been a part of for whatever reason. So, I've decided to put them up here for you to use, deconstruct and otherwise make fun of. Included will be some electronic music, rock, ambient, punk and probably some out and out noise. I love me a good discord. So yeah, enjoy my collection of stuff that doesn't fit and a few rejected ideas for bands that I'm too stubborn to let go of. Or not.

In the event that you actually like what I've done and maybe want to add to it then let me know and I can look out the project files (if I still have them) and what not.

Jinx Omish


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